Helping you take control of your health

We understand that blood test results can be confusing. That’s why at Medichecks we make it easy for you to understand your results and what’s going on inside your body.

MyMedichecks is your personal online dashboard where you can view your results, access clear and simple explanations about individual health markers, monitor changes in your health, and securely store information about your medical history, lifestyle and vital statistics.


  • View your test results alongside advice and comments from a qualified doctor
  • Spot at a glance if any of your results fall outside of the normal range
  • Access clear and simple explanations about what your results mean and what you need to do next

 Health tracker

  • Track changes in important health markers throughout your life
  • Monitor how changes to your diet and lifestyle are impacting your overall health and wellbeing
  • Keep track of changes to your vital statistics, including your blood pressure, weight, and body fat %

 Personal information

Complete your supporting information by providing:

  • Your health and medical history
  • Vital statistics
  • Lifestyle profile
  • Health goals


View and keep track of any follow up tests that have been recommended for you by our doctors.

Manage your account

Keep your account details up-to-date and manage your communication preferences. Let us know how and when you would like to hear from us.

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